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Packaging Solutions

Hermetic Packaging Solutions

Ecotact’s 9 layer hermetic sealed bags are an airtight and gastight packaging. They prevents water vapour from accessing commodities and food grains inside the package with a sufficiently low leak rate and keep packages dry and moisture-free for over a year. With almost zero oxygen and no new moisture ingression, insects and pests are unable to live in the hermetically sealed packaging. Hence, usage of means pesticides and insecticides are not required.

These ecological plastic bags are hydrocarbon-free and have an excellent forming with high temperature tolerance (-30℃ TO +90℃) and high resistance to oil and solvents.

Other  Packaging Solutions

PP BAGS (Polypropylene/HDPE Woven Bags and Sacks)

Polypropylene woven bags and sacks are manufactured according to customer specifications, with the given dimensions and weights that are used for packing of a wide variety of products like coffee, cocoa, food grains, corn, sugar, cashew nuts, animal feeds, flour, maize, solid chemicals, fertilizers, etc.

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Jute Packaging Solutions

Exploring the world of Jute

Aashirvad International believes in the huge potential of the golden fibre which is the safest and most affordable of natural fibres. With an exclusive long term tie-up with Gloster Limited (a global leader for over 125 years in jute products manufacturing), they manufacture and export jute bags, sacks and fabrics for the packaging of coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar and other agro-based products.

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Packaging Support

A) Printing Machinery for Jute Bags etc.

Multipurpose Flexographic Printing Machine

Aashirvad International designs multipurpose flexographic printing machines for printing HDPE / PP woven sacks, jute and laminated jute bags and kraft paper bags.

B) Vacuum Machine

Aashirvad International designs Vacuum Sealers for diversified applications like vacuum packaging cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, spices, tea, coffee, cocoa, milk powder and more using a state -of- the- art FLP Nozzle Type Vacuum Packing Machine, with timer, LCD Screen and Air Compressor System.

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